About us



Bangla21 TV is a web Based Television from Bangladesh.

It’s a non profitable and 100% advertisement free Television ,

which is presenting Bangladesh throughout the world since 2011.

Bangla21 has launched with a vast horizon of possibilities and brought a technical revolution in web based television of  Bangla media . 

it’s was a small project which fist inaugurated in January 2011, I showed my project to my friends & family, many of them discouraged me,

but I didn’t stop & decided to establish a web based channel in Bangla .      

Bangla21 stared test transmission at 21February 2011 &

full face transmission since 26-11-2011 to till now…


Thanks to our viewers, who are our inspiration and light to the long road ahead…

Thanks to Jagobd.com who promoted us…

Thanks to our Satellite TVs who are our Ideal…  &

Thanks To Government of Digital Bangladesh who always inspires and encourages

 Young generation by throwing “Vision-2021”  ahead as an ultimate goal to achieve.  



with Thanks-

Engr. Emrul Kaysar

Skype- bangla21.tv

email- info@bangla21.tv

web- www.bangla21.tv





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